Tips for Bonding with Your Baby

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Tips for Bonding with Your Baby

In the months leading up to the birth of your little one you probably heard words like attachment theory and attachment parenting thrown around, but do you know what they actually mean?

Is attachment parenting the right option for everyone?

Can you try it without committing to it?

Here’s some information how to help your baby form secure, and healthy attachments to you in the first year of their life.

What, exactly, is attachment parenting?

This is the theory that promotes the idea that you, as the primary caregiver, will build a strong bond with your baby by maintaining closeness and using your intuition to respond to your baby’s needs. It promotes that you already know exactly how to care for your little one, and your mom instincts will tell you what you need to do.

Why is it so great?

A healthy and secure bond between you and your baby will have countless benefits both now, and later in life. The countless positive outcomes include better academic achievement, mental health and self-esteem as your child grows up. A positive, healthy bond with you can help your child to form secure attachments as they move forward in life and build relationships with others. This beginning will be a foundation for your child.

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So, how do I bond with my baby?

There are always going to be suggestions and strategies for how you can bond with your baby but not all of them will work. You might feel a little overwhelmed with all the ways you can bond, so here are some easy, straightforward ways you can use in your everyday life to bond with your little one.

Follow their interests

Each person finds interest and fun in different activities, so it only makes sense babies will find joy in various things. By showing interest in what your child wants to do, they will be excited that you want to play with them. Before you know it, hours will have passed and you’ll be laughing the afternoon away with your little one.

Be emotionally supportive

Babies express themselves, just as adults do, but the emotions might not come across clearly. Babies will laugh, cry or scream to express how they feel and by letting them feel how they need to feel you can assure them you’re there to support them and not shut down their feelings. For example, if your baby falls when trying to walk they may cry from the shock of falling or maybe they bumped their arm or leg. Be there to comfort them as they are upset. They will feel comfortable with you.

Find activities you can do together

This works hand in hand with following their interests, but by finding fun things to do together you’re building a bond and trust without forcing it. Activities like swimming are great for spending time together plus your baby will learn a new skill.

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Babies will form meaningful attachments in the first year of their life, and by responding to their emotional needs you’ll have a strong bond that will act as a foundation for years to come.


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