Seven Tips for Dressing Your Baby for Winter

Winter baby tips

Seven Tips for Dressing Your Baby for Winter

If you are a new mom, and this is your baby’s first winter, you are likely already starting to experience the joys and struggles of making sure your little one is properly dressed for the cold weather. When it comes to dressing your baby for winter, you will quickly discover that when you need to make the choice between cute and functional – functional should win.

So to help you through the season, here are seven pro mom tips to keep your baby warm and hopefully make your life a little bit easier.

Choose items that zip up

You know those cute little onesies with button crotches? Well forget about them during cold weather and choose zip-up bodysuits instead. When you have to go through multiple layers of clothing to get to your baby’s poopy diaper, you’ll be glad you did!

Look for microfleece

Sleep and play outfits made from microfleece are super soft and warm which makes them perfect winter attire for you little one.

Remember that babies grow fast

During your baby’s first winter, you are probably going to need clothing in a few different sizes, so don’t go out and get a closet full of newborn clothing. Yes, you will need some, but you will be surprised at how fast your little on outgrows them.


Babies are super adorable in hats but once they are past the newborn stage, they shouldn’t wear them indoors because babies can easily overheat. Choose a cute little hat with a Velcro chin strap to be worn outdoors.

Use car seat covers

When you want to make sure your baby is warm enough in the car, use a car seat cover. Bulky winter jackets are a big no-no when it comes to car seats because they can leave the harness too loose to be effective in the event of an accident.

Don’t overdo it on the sleep wear

You may be tempted to make your baby’s bed as warm as possible, but the truth is your baby will have a better sleep if they are comfortable and overheating can be dangerous. Choose footed pajamas and a simple cotton swaddling blanket.

Gear up for snow

If your little one is starting to explore on their own, they will likely be excited by the first snowfall. And since getting fresh air is important at any time of year, you should let them explore it. Just make sure to outfit them in a waterproof snow suit along with waterproof winter boots and mittens.

As a new mom, you might wonder whether your baby is warm enough. A quick way to find out is to touch their toes. Your baby’s toes should be cool to the touch but not cold and their belly should be warm.

So follow these tips and enjoy the winter season with your little one.

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