My Afternoon at Giggly Baby Spa

My Afternoon at Giggly Baby Spa

Dear Moms,

Developing all these new skills like sitting, rolling and trying to crawl is exhausting. For 9 months on the inside all I did is float around and relax and now there are all these expectations for growth and development. So today, I convinced mom to take me to Giggly Panda Baby Spa for a break, you should convince yours too! You get to have a massage and go play in the huge bath tub!

My afternoon started with a lovely 20 minute massage using Sophie organic products, and it felt so good. Babies skin is five times more vulnerable so its really important what we put on our skin. That is why Giggly Baby Panda Spa uses Sophie organic products which is 99% all natural, and my skin now feels so soft! I just laid on the change table and the lady massaged my whole body… talk about relaxing!

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