How and When a New Mom Should Take a Break

How and When a New Mom Should Take a Break

The first few days and weeks at home with baby it is difficult to fathom how one can just “take a break”. The baby requires constant attention and mom’s needs are an afterthought at best.
However, carefully planning out breaks for mom can help make these first stressful weeks more manageable to prevent the complete emotional breakdown that is inevitable if mom doesn’t find ways to decompress at the very least.

But how?!
How are moms supposed to rest when there is so much to do?

Let go of the guilt

First thing’s first, let go of the guilt! Being a new mom comes with a surprising amount of guilt and self-doubt. You are constantly wondering every second of every day if you are doing it right, and you will feel an intense amount of guilt sometimes when you think that you aren’t– even though you really are!

That guilt sometimes pushes us past our breaking point trying to prove something that doesn’t need to be proven. You can’t do it all by yourself. Well, you can– but it will come at a severe detriment to your well-being. So before you will be able to accept help, you first have to convince yourself that it is okay to need it!

Sleep when baby sleeps… or not!

If you are tired, ready and able to sleep when baby sleeps, that’s amazing! Do it and enjoy it!

This sage advice is great in theory, but the reality is that if you are used to sleeping at a certain time it’s not always realistic to sync your sleep schedule to the baby’s, which can lead to extreme frustration when you try to sleep but find you can’t.

But if not then use this time to find other ways to rejuvenate yourself.

  • Brush your teeth
  • Have a shower
  • Sit on the porch and breathe for a few minutes.

Whatever you need to feel good for yourself during those precious moments while baby rests in peaceful slumber.

Turn visitors into helpers

People want to see the baby, sure they want to see you as well, but mostly they want that new baby fix. Give it to them. Give them the baby then exit stage left. As long as baby’s fed (assuming they are on the breast), your guest can do the rest. If baby’s on a bottle? Even better! Pass that baby over and let someone else give it a go.

Most of the time people really want to help new moms, and just as many times new moms don’t know how to let them. They feel like the only person who can properly attend to their baby is them. While, of course, you are the best person to attend to your babe, you are not the only one capable of taking care of it. Let the people who want to come see the baby, see the baby.

And while the baby is busy entertaining the guests you can catch a nap, clean the kitchen, have a shower, chug a gallon of wine… whatever you need to do that you can’t while you are holding, feeding, changing or generally tending to the baby.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

It’s tempting to try to control all the things that you are used to being in control of. But now is the time when you need, for your own sanity, to be able to delegate tasks.

Giving birth is no joke, and while women have been doing it since the beginning of time it has also been killing women since the beginning of time. Your body needs time to heal.

You have to allow that to happen. By asking Grandma to vacuum and do the dishes, and holding dad accountable to the work of running the home you can get some of the breaks you will need to get you and baby to that glorious place where baby sleeps on the same schedule as you… or gets a job and moves out… whichever comes first.

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