Dietitian Services

Registered Dietitian’s empower all individuals to embrace the food they eat to meet their health and lifestyle goals, including for infants. We help support new moms, caregivers, and child in this new and exciting chapter of their lives!

Dietitians provide the foundational knowledge and skills by assessing and analyzing the individual needs of the client and then providing practical information through counselling, strategies, tips, resources and even recipes.

Nutritional Counselling Benefits for Infants

  • Introducing solids and first foods to baby for safety and efficacy;
  • Prevention and dealing with a picky eater in their foundational years;
  • Transforming the mealtime environment for uplifting, happier, stress-free meals;
  • Over and undereating counselling for healthy growth and development;
  • Support for food allergies or intolerances;

Nutritional Counselling Benefits for Mom

  • Optimal eating while breastfeeding baby;
  • Weight loss and post-partum baby weight strategies;
  • A restorative positive relationship with food;
  • Improved eating habits, long-term accountability;
  • Chronic disease prevention and management for future health benefits;

Role of a Registered Dietitian

A Registered Dietitian is the protected title for the food and nutrition experts in Ontario. They are regulated health professionals with both the accredited training and expertise to enhance lives and improve health. A registered Dietitian Ontario undergo rigorous schooling and comprehensive training in order to register with the dietetic regulatory body in the province they practice in. They are held accountable to the highest ethical and educational standards. The advice and information provided by Registered Dietitians is tailored to their patients and client’s needs. The science is translated to meet personal challenges, needs, accessibility and individual preferences.


Initial assessment

$120 CAD

Baby Initial Assessment

$80 CAD

one session



Funky Giraffe

5 sessions


Galaxy Deer

10 Session

$540 CAD

Giggly Panda

15 session

$780 CAD


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