Babies are exploring all the things in the world for the very first time – and that can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. At Giggly Panda, we offer a safe and clean environment for babies and toddlers from 1 to 36 months old to experience hydrotherapy and massages. If you’re undecided about taking your baby to Giggly Panda, here’s some of the benefits your baby will experience.

Colicky Babies

When your little one is experiencing colic, finding a way to soothe them can seem impossible. Hydrotherapy is done in an environment where the water is warmed to a very comforting temperature of 33 – 36.6 degrees, and this emulates what life was like living in the womb before they were born. It provides a source of comfort for your baby, which can ease their colic.

If your little one is experiencing this, we recommend a session twice a week for babies under 5 months old and once a week for babies over that age.

Help with Sleeping

While your baby may not be experiencing colic, you might find they are fussy at bed time or are having a hard time falling asleep sometimes. A float in the spa can give them feelings of deep relaxation, which is especially helpful for drifting into a deep sleep. Babies may be having digestive troubles or are going through a growth spurt, and the warm comforting water gives them the best relaxation possible.

Ease the Transition

As many parents will come to realize, transitioning from the womb to the world can be upsetting for a little one. A comforting touch and relaxing environment can help them feel secure and help you bond with your little one.

Build a Stronger Bond

A baby’s first language is touch, so experiences where their sense of touch is exposed and developed help them to grow, especially when they can feel safe. At Giggly Panda, we allow for parents to come into the spa with their little one, and even get into the water with them. This experience allows for parents to spend quality one on one time with their baby, in a safe environment where can grow the bond you have with your baby. Each session is anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your baby’s comfort.


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