It seems like it was just yesterday that you welcomed your new baby into the world! Time is getting away from you and just like that your little one’s gummy smile is slowly changing to a toothy one!

Teething is such a memorable time!

This new and exciting time in your baby’s life can also come as a packaged deal with aches and pains, loss of sleep, rash, irritation and so much discomfort!

This phase can definitely leave both you and your baby exhausted!

There are so many teething remedies that can help you and your baby through this difficult time!

We wanted to share with you some of our favourite teethers!

1. Wooden Teethers!

Not only are wooden teethers natural and safe, but they also really help soothe sore gums! Wooden teethers are naturally antibacterial and can really help break in the most stubborn teeth especially the first 4 on the top and bottom!

Our favourite wooden teethers are by MITTEZ!

2. Natural Rubber Teethers!

Natural rubber teethers are soft flexible and easy to chew! Their squishy textures make it soft on their little gums, light and easy to hold. The best kind of rubber teethers have no holes that way they won’t get mold and last longer.

Our favourite Natural rubber teethers are by Oil & Carol!

Last but not least! Our favourite natural teething remedy is Massage Therapy!

Here at Giggly Panda Baby Spa, we believe that every baby deserves to relax. Massage is a natural way to help ease your baby’s teething pains. Lymph drainage is a technique used to help relieve sinus congestion for teething babies. Gentle massages around the ears and jaw line can help sooth itchy tender and sore gums as well. Massage therapy helps your little one’s parasympathetic nervous system which will calm your baby down and help improve their quality of sleep as well as feeding and digestion!

Have you tried any of our favourite teething remedies? Share with us how you may have gotten through this tough time with your little one!

Book your baby in today and see how our treatments can help you!


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