The suck-swallow-breathe sequence requires 31 muscles! Tongue-tie interferes with the tongues role in starting and controlling the suck-swallow-breathe process, which can affect swallowing and even breathing later on.

Tongue tie or Tethered Oral Tissue (T.O.T.S)

T.O.T.S can include ties of the tongue, lip and even buccal (cheek) tissues. 1/5 babies had T.O.T.S in 2014. Our tongue position and function can have an impact on our posture and tension in our neck. It can also affect dentition, speech among other things.

It is important to get assessed for the possibility T.O.T.S before 6 months of age. Early detection and treatment give’s a higher chance of success. T.O.T.S are typically only treated surgically if symptomatic.

Things to look for with your baby:

  • Can your baby move their tongue freely?
  • Does milk come out the sides of their mouth during feeds?
  • Does baby make a clicking sound during feeding?
  • Low milk production?
  • Difficulty latching?
  • Baby falling asleep during feed`s?
  • Feeding frequently every 1-2 hours and not satisfied?
  • Colicky baby?
  • Acid reflux?
  • Excessive drooling?

For every baby chiropractic initial assessment we include an intra-oral exam, assessing the tongue and overall functionality of the mouth. We also assess head shape, reflexes based on age, spinal alignment, hip movement, tone, and much more.

If a tongue tie revision has been made (typically by a dentist), this addresses the front of the tongue tie. Then body work by a chiropractor is essential for improving the functionality of the tongue and releasing tensions from the back of the tongue. Collaborative care is essential.

Chiropractors in this case would help with the spinal alignment, temporomandibular tension, deep palate treatment, reflexes etc.

If you’re having trouble latching/feeding, suspecting T.O.T.S in your baby or would like to have your baby assessed regardless we are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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