So many good things can be said about chiropractic treatment. It’s non-invasive, relatively painless, and helps the body heal naturally. There are so many attributes of a good chiropractor, but what makes one the best?

What makes the best chiropractor?

For Giggly Panda, it could be that the chiropractor, Dr. Janina Duliunas, doesn’t just talk about having a healthy lifestyle, she lives it. Duliunas’ education and life experience has more than qualified her for being a chiropractor. Not only is she a working professional, she does volunteer work as well. Her personal experience with chiropractic treatment after a car accident gave her the empathy to excel in her chosen profession. Above all these things, Duliunas is a dedicated healer who wants to help people.

What Can a Chiropractor Do?

A great chiropractor is also able to treat all ages. At Giggly Panda, chiropractic care is available for ages from infant to elderly. Every chiropractic technique is adapted for the person being adjusted. It is a non-evasive way to adjust and encourage the body to heal naturally. Treatment and adjustment styles are catered to each specific person.

Chiropractors can do more than just make adjustments to people’s spines. A chiropractor can also help improve the way we walk and move by orthotics. Orthotics restore foot function and body movement by redistributing weight so it’s even. This helps relieve foot pain, and often prevents conditions like calluses, corns and ulcers. Orthotics are inserts you place in your shoes, and help with balance issues, or flat feet. Your chiropractor can use a simple bio-mechanical foot and gait assessment, as well as a casting to prepare orthotics for you.

What Can Regular Care Do?

The best chiropractor will be able to give you regular care, which has amazing benefits. For example, if you suffer from migraines, or headache positioned at the top of your neck, regular chiropractic treatments can reduce those headaches. Regular care lowers stress and helps improve your mood, since chiropractic gently manipulates the spine, relaxing the nerves and muscles. It may surprise you to hear that immune health and musculoskeletal health are connected. Regular treatments have been prover to improve immune function by increasing immunoregulartory complexes. Chiropractic care can also help maintain a healthy digestive system. The spine hold the body’s nervous system and functions. Acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease have been connected to spinal issues like herniated discs and disc compression.

Not only is it convenient for the whole family to be able to go to the Chiropractor together, it is also a healthy practice. Giggly Panda is truly the best chiropractor near you. Contact us today and book an appointment so you can begin your journey to a healthy body, and a healthy you!


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