Who can deny how relaxing and refreshing a spa day can be? If it is so enjoyable for adults to enjoy, can you imagine how much fun a baby would have at a spa, a spa specifically for babies? At Giggly Panda, babies and toddlers are getting healthier and stronger in the most fun and relaxing way possible. It’s a place for the whole family. Let’s take a look at the best baby spa in Toronto.

What does the best baby spa offer?

Giggly Panda offers a one of a kind, exclusive experience for babies and toddlers from one to thirty-six months. You can be assured, the environment is clean and safe. This facility is more than just a spa, it is a whole wellness centre. The whole family can get chiropractic care, and this includes babies too. At the spa, both massage and hydrotherapy are offed. Massage classes can be arranged at Giggly Panda. This baby spa has registered massage therapists, so you know your child is in the hands of an expert.

What are the Benefits of Baby Massage?

Massage for babies is unique. It creates a sense of security, respect and love through touch. It can also stimulate a stronger communication and understanding between parent and baby. Touch is the baby’s first language after all.

To get a little more technical, baby massage is good for growth, stress-relief, and better sleep. Massage stimulates the immune system, social interaction, reduces colic and baby’s overall health. Every parent would love to get more sleep. Massages relax the baby, so less crying and babies fall asleep easier. They wake up less during bed times too. Another healthy benefit of massage for babies is that massage encourages the release of oxytocin, making the child feel happy and loved.

At Giggly Panda, babies need to be one month old before they can begin the massage.

What are the Benefits of Hydrotherapy?

It is interesting to know hydrotherapy has to be beneficial to infants. They tend to walk sooner since the leg muscles are stronger. This was shown in studies done in Finland, where it was shown that babies having hydrotherapy seem to walk sooner and usual. This was because the leg muscles are stronger. The water relaxes the child, and helps the sleep pattern. Appetites of hydrotherapy babies increase. Babies having this type of treatment have lung capacity increases, as well as muscle growth.

Motor, social, cognitive skills are all growing because of this type of treatment. Babies need to be at least four months old before they can enjoy hydrotherapy. Sessions for this treatment last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, and babies seem to love floating in their special floatation devices.


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