If you are seeking chiropractic care for you family, there is no better place to receive that care than Giggly Panda. Why? Because our chiropractic services are truly available for the whole family. Many chiropractic practices focus only on adults. But at Giggly Panda, our services are available to adults, children, expectant moms – even babies.

Having a good diet is important to your health at any stage of life. But pre and post natal nutrition can be even more critical – both for yourself and your baby. When you work with the professional dietitian at Giggly Panda, you can be confident that you are getting nutritional advice that will help you thrive.

When you are pregnant, your body dedicates almost all of its energy to your baby. After birth, it is normal to feel depleted. Add to this, hormone changes and body perception can leave you feeling anxious. Eating a diet of foods that are nutrient dense and hormone balancing isn’t just a nice thing to do, it is essential.

The quality of your diet will not only affect your energy levels and determine how easily you will be able to lose your pregnancy weight, but it will also affect the quality of your breast milk.

We all know that proper nutrition is critical to our health no matter what our stage of life. But for expectant and new Moms, nutrition doesn’t only affect their health, it affects the health of their child as well. For this reason, it can be especially important to work with a registered dietitian during this time.

Many people are surprised when they first learn that chiropractic care is available for babies. They are surprised because their mind immediately goes to how adult chiropractic care works. But chiropractic care for babies is actually quite different and uses the lightest of touches.

Chiropractic care is a safe and non-invasive method of promoting not only mobility of the joints and muscles, but overall health. Selecting the right chiropractor for you is a personal decision, and the following are a few of the factors you may wish to consider when making that decision.


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