I put these words together because they are infinitely linked. This pandemic has shed a light on how personal health is important in ways that we could not have imagined a little more than a year ago. Of the three highest risk factors for contracting serious cases of covid-19, two of them are nutrition related.

The suck-swallow-breathe sequence requires 31 muscles! Tongue-tie interferes with the tongues role in starting and controlling the suck-swallow-breathe process, which can affect swallowing and even breathing later on.

Many parents and caregivers hear that tummy time is important but may not know the reasons why?

Gestational diabetes (GDM) is diabetes that is initially diagnosed during pregnancy- not someone who is diabetic prior to getting pregnant. Gestational diabetes once diagnosed will last the length of the pregnancy, after which the mother’s blood sugars will return to normal. However, there are significant health risks associated with gestational diabetes and it is important to monitor and take measures to control blood sugars.

Pregnancy is an amazing and wonderful time in a woman’s life. Pregnant women experience many changes during this time. Their body changes as the little human growing inside them get bigger and bigger, These changes are all individual to each woman and can be very exciting and can also be very overwhelming. Support is essential during this time.


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