Hydrotherapy and Massage Benefits:

Hydrotherapy (flotation and exercise in water) and the neonatal massage are groundbreaking developmental techniques. They offer several mental, emotional and physical benefits for neonates and young babies.


  1. Early introduction to the water offers enhanced opportunities for learning skills that help transition young children into formal schooling. On average, the early introduction water infants were ahead of non-water peers in cognitive skills like learning, thinking, math and problem solving on preschool entrance testing five years later
  2. Innate swimming reflexes are stimulated and co-ordination is developed as they learn to control their movements.

Physical BABY'S development

Neonatal swimming can accelerate babies’ growth in the early stage.

  1. As the baby kicks around in the water, the small rocking waves she/he creates will help to improve their balance and coordination and, ultimately, support their ability to crawl, walk and swim.Even if the baby falls asleep in the water the rocking will continue with her/his rhythmic breathing.
  2. Baby hydrotherapy Increases gains in functional mobility as Babies learn to control their movement
  3. Movement through the water has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems, which can reduce meconium levels and lowers the risk of jaundice three or four days after birth.
  4. Muscular and skeletal strength is increased through the water’s gentle resistance.
  5. Water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity Hydrotherapy provides a complete physical work-out, strengthening the baby’s heart and lungs by strengthening intercostal muscles and the breathing system.
  6. Massage Therapy Leads to Weight Gain in Pre-term Infants [3]. Massage therapy has led to weight gain in pre-term infants when moderate pressure massage was provided…The increases noted in vagal activity, gastric motility, insulin and IGF-1 levels following moderate pressure massage are potential underlying mechanisms.

Emotional BABY'S Well-Being:

  1. Baby hydrotherapy improves Socialization. It strengthens your baby’s capacity to communicate and enhances feelings of trust and confidence. Our methods encourage the use of all senses, and support feelings of being loved, respected, and valued.
  2. Introducing babies to the natural magic of water helps prevent a fear of water developing later on, boosts Confidence & enhances their Well-Being.
  3. Baby Hydrotherapy improves sleep quality especially among pre-term infants
  4. As the baby transitions from life in the womb to the outside world, positive touch through massage helps them to feel secure. Neonatal massage instruction significantly decreased paternal stress
  5. Both Massage and Flotation in warm water are efficient methods for reducing pain anddiscomfort caused by gas, colic, bloating and constipation. They are known to reduce muscular tension, growing pains, teething discomfort, and cramping.
  6. Relaxation – the combination of being in warm water along with massage promotes relaxation and supports the improvement of sleep patterns leading to improved attention, working memory and emotional regulation in children.


  1. Promotion of parent-child bonding and secure attachment. This in turn facilitates their emotional and cognitive development (i.e. ability to learn)
  2. Providing quality bonding time for parent and baby via interaction, relaxation, observation and communication
  3. Improved parenting skills leading to improved self-esteem and confidence and assist with post-natal depression
  4. Socialize with other parents and exchange advices.


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