Benefits of Paternity Leave

Paternity Leave

Benefits of Paternity Leave

It’s typical for new moms to take about a year off of work when their little one comes as a maternity leave. This time is used for bonding and caring for your new bundle of joy during the first year of life when they’re the most in need.

During this time, it is common for the dad to head back to work after a couple weeks and mom gets time with the new born. Recently, however, it has become a little more popular for dads to take at least a partial paternity leave so they also get some time to bond with baby during this precious time of their life.

If you and your partner are discussing whether a paternity leave either, full or partial is the right option for you, here are some benefits to dad spending some time at home with your little one.

Improved Confidence in Parenting

Sometimes dads feel a little left out when they are at work all day and don’t get to participate in taking care of their child as much as mom does. If dad can be at home for some of the time during that first year of life then they will gain the confidence of caring for their child from doing it every day. This confidence will carry through other stages of life so that dad will feel more involved in your child’s life as they grow.

Improved Relationship with Your Spouse

Often times moms will feel as though dads really have no idea what they deal with each and every day, and that dads simply don’t understand the demands of raising children. The best to understand how another person feels is to live their life, every day for a while.

Giving dad the chance to be at home with baby all day for feedings, changes, naps and play time will give him a little more insight into what moms are dealing with and, perhaps, an appreciation too. You’ll find with that appreciation your relationship may get a whole lot better with your spouse since you’ll both now understand the demands of having a new born.

Experience the Firsts

Have you received a text or photo from your spouse while you’re at work that showcases your little one’s first smile or first steps? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could experience some of those firsts for yourself instead of witnessing them second hand?

Taking a paternity leave means you can be part of those firsts with your little one. You could be the one taking those pictures and looking back on them years from now remembering what it was like to be there. Your child will never have another first word, another first step so taking the time now will pay off later on in life.

There may be some financial implications to taking paternity leave – just like maternity leave – but if your budget can fit with paternity leave you won’t regret spending more time with your little one during this first year of life.

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