Benefits of a Baby Chiropractor

Baby Chiropractor Benefits

Benefits of a Baby Chiropractor

As an adult, visiting the chiropractor can help to alleviate aches and pains making your daily life that much more comfortable.

While babies don’t have the same stresses and triggers that adults do they still have areas a chiropractor can help with to make them a little more comfortable.

If you’re undecided about bringing your baby to the chiropractor here are some of the benefits your baby may experience with regular chiropractic therapy.

Ear Infection Intensity

Ear infections are really common among babies, and doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to clear it up. A visit to the chiropractor can help with dilation of the Eustachian tube, in the upper vertebrae. This dilation will help drain out any fluids or substances in the ear and clears it up while reducing the pain and discomfort your little one feels.

Ease Fussiness

If your child is inconsolable, and there’s nothing you can do to make it better, a trip to the chiropractor can help with the fussiness. A couple sessions with a chiropractor can help to ease tension your baby is experiencing, and you’ll likely notice your baby is calmer and less fussy overall.

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Immunity Boost

A baby’s immunity is really important to help fight illness and infection as they’re growing. While nutrition plays a huge role in building your baby’s immunity there are other factors to consider.  A chiropractor will make sure all nerve signals are effectively transmitting and are releasing the appropriate antibodies to fight infections.

Recovery from Birth

Going through birth is very traumatic to the mother, but it is also pretty traumatic to your little one. Whether your baby was born naturally of via C-section it was a really big event for both of you so your baby can definitely benefit from a little check up.

Even if there aren’t any issues or conditions to be concerned about, a simple little check to make sure your baby’s spine is aligned and tension is relieved can make a big difference in their overall demeanor.

Better Breathing

Difficulty with breathing is a common issue with children, and often the causes are from a variety of external factors. A visit to the chiropractor can help your child’s breathing, regardless of the cause.

 Easier Breast Feeding

If your baby is having difficulty with latching on to breastfeed they might have an improper signal position. You and your baby will have a much better experience with breastfeeding after a chiropractor has made this adjustment.

Digestive Help

Constipation is not unique to adults – babies also experience digestive difficulties especially since they’re growing and everything is new to their little bodies. There’s a variety of factors that may cause constipation, but a quick adjustment from a chiropractor can help to regulate your little one’s digestion.

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A chiropractor can help ease your baby’s discomfort when they are experiencing illness, infections or general digestive issues. Regular check ups, after the initial issue is addressed, can help to keep your baby healthy and happy as they grow and develop.

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