About Giggly Panda

Giggly Panda Baby Spa offers a unique experience that is exclusively for babies/toddlers from 1 month to 36 months old in a safe and clean environment. Services include hydrotherapy and massage.

Giggly Panda Baby Spa , we understand that it is hard to be a baby. Discovering the world can be a whole new adventure. Therefore, we believe that every baby deserves to relax.

We are a wellness center that provides health benefits to improve your baby’s immune system, health, and growth. On top of it all the experience is social, fun, exciting, and a nurturing environment that will make your baby feel happy, safe, and calm while enjoying our services.

Please note that your baby has to be at least 1 month old for the massage and 4 months old for hydrotherapy. We also offer chiropractic treatments for the whole family.

A Typical Baby Spa Session Lasts About an Hour and Includes Two Components:

- Hydrotherapy and neonatal massage performed by a Register Massage Therapist.

- Hydrotherapy may last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes which consists of casual floating in purified water that is warmed up to a comfortable temperature between 33- 36.6 c for optimum comfort of the baby.

Babies are required to wear a special flotation device that safely supports their head above water. Not only is the hydrotherapy experience insanely adorable, it is also relaxing for the little ones and help prepare them for swimming lessons!

Please note that babies usually love floating for the very first time! Some of them may take a few visits to become familiar with the session, just like swim lessons! With that being said, we recommend two visits a week for babies under 5 months old, to help with newborn colic, and one visit a week for babies 5 to 36 months old to build strength.

Neonatal Massage

For the neonatal massage, our Register Massage Therapists apply specific touch and massage techniques to maximize growth, sleep, and stress relief for the baby. We know how to listen to babies and observe their body language as we massage them to ensure the absolute best care and comfort.

Unique Baby Spa

As your baby transitions from life inside the womb to the outside world, a positive touch through massage can help them to feel loved, respected and secure. Massage therapy can also help with initial communication and understanding between child and parent as the baby develops their first language: touch.
Therefore, we offer neonatal massage classes in groups and in a private setting.

Please note that we only accept two adults for each baby visit and no children except your baby are allowed in because we would like to offer an outstanding and quiet environment for our babies.

Our Spa Facility

Baby Spa – Clean and Safe Environment

Our facility is equipped with specialized water filters. The water is sanitized bromine and ozone disinfection, which is the safest form of water disinfection because it uses breathable air to kill germs. These filtering and disinfection methods make water completely safe for your baby to be immersed in, and if they accidentally drink the water, don’t worry, because it is safe to drink as well, we change our water daily.
Our spa room temperature is steadily maintained at 25 to 27 degrees Celsius to achieve maximum comfort for infants.

Our pools are filled with filtered water and maintained at 34 to 37 degrees Celsius, similar to the temperature of the human body. They are cleaned after each use with a natural, plant-based organic cleaner.

Baby Float and Massage

Our spa offers a great selection of floating devices and swimming toys to suit babies of varying size, weight, and ability. All of our floats and toys are BPA-free, phthalate-free and made of baby-safe materials.

All of our massage oils and lotions are also safe and good for your baby.

We also have an indoor playground specially designed for infants and toddlers!

My Afternoon at Giggly Baby Spa

My afternoon started with a lovely 20 minute massage using Sophie organic products, and it felt so good. Babies skin is five times more vulnerable so its really important what we put on our skin. That is why Giggly Baby Panda Spa uses Sophie organic products which are 99% all natural, and my skin now feels so soft!


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