4 Activities to do with Your Newborn

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4 Activities to do with Your Newborn

Your little one is finally here!

Now it’s time to enjoy as their personality develops and you learn all about who they are.

It might feel like you’re restricted on the activities you can participate in because your newborn can’t really do much yet but that doesn’t mean you have to just sit at home until your baby is a little older.

There’s plenty of activities you can do with your newborn to help you bond, but also to increase development and learning.

Activities to bond with Newborn Baby

Tummy Time

Newborns, and infants, can be placed on their stomachs for short periods of time while awake and supervised. This time helps to strengthen their neck and shoulders so they will be able to support themselves as they grow.

Babies should always be supervised while on their stomach just in case they get tired or frustrated with holding their head up. This time, though, can be the great for you to interact with and talk to your little one. It’s a time to bond.

Talking, Laughing and Making Faces

Interacting with your baby helps in a number of ways. If you take the time to show them various facial expressions then your baby learns how to recognize you and associate your voice with your face.

Smiling and laughing can help your baby learn how to reciprocate them back to you. You can do this activity almost anywhere, but it can increase cognitive development and facial recognition for your baby.

Spend a Day at the Baby Spa

Baby spas – including Baby hydrotherapy or Baby massages – are a great activity that parents can do with their newborns.

These environments provide benefits for both baby and parents, and it’s a great way to get out of the house for a few hours if you feel like you’ve been cooped up forever. Early exposure to swimming can help with your baby’s balance and coordination which ultimately supports crawling, walking and swimming in later years.

Being in the water with your baby can help increase the bond you and your baby have with secure-attachment.

This afternoon activity promotes a variety of benefits for both parent and baby, plus it’s available all year round and is a safe learning environment.

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Play Some Music

Whether you’re at home, in the car or visiting relatives playing music can help your baby in a number of ways. Select music your baby has heard before so it is familiar. You can also rock or sway gently while holding your baby to help calm and soothe them, especially if they’re having a hard time falling asleep.

As your baby grows you can continue to tradition of playing music and dancing, and it will act as a way to build your bond and connection with your child. If you know the words to the song then singing along will help your new baby recognize your voice.

Spending quality time with your newborn is important, although it can feel as though you don’t have much you can do with them except hang around the house.

As they grow, they will be able to be more interactive but until then there are activities you can do you just might have to get a little creative!


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